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Classic Floor Plans

Design Presentation has the capability to generate Classic/Premium floor plans based on hand-drawn sketches. We have over 150 CAD professionals who can convert your sketches into a presentable floor plan within your specified time schedule.

A classic floor plan, the best option for unconventional, mid/up-market properties and housing group society (HGS) the following advantages:

it conforms to RICS codes
all features are precisely drawn
It has all the details and is best suited for marketing and layout purposes.

Our expert team of CAD technicians can transform your floor plan sketch into any of the following floor plan forms:

Picture plus plan (interactive floor plan)
3D floor plan (with or without furniture and fittings)
3D walkthrough/ animation

You can e-mail us your hand sketches and we will deliver you the finished floor plans within 24 hours or even the same day.