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Mechanical/Product Drawings

The services we provide are particularly useful to engineers who use 3D tools to conceptualize and design. We help manufacturing companies, particularly in the automotive sector, in assimilating and consolidating design data for all stages of development, and can assist them in building a distinct digitized model.

We specialize in:
• Preparing and manufacturing production drawings
• Conversion of paper sketches and drawings into mechanical CAD
• Mechanical CAD design and drafting
• Assembly drawings

There are several advantages in working with Design Presentation:
• We use programs such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks and ProE. By outsourcing your work to us, you can reduce your expenditure   on software and training.
• Because Design Presentation specializes in mechanical drafting, we can give you high-quality mechanical drawings at   competitive prices.
• We are experienced in a wide range of formats (such as IMG, JPEG, PDF and TIFF), so we can convert your drawings into the   format of your choice.

By using our mechanical CAD services, companies and professionals can focus on what they do best: design, product development and understanding their customers' needs.