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Electrical Plans and Panel Layouts

We can take your electrical plan (contract drawings) and help you with the electrical layout (drawings or construction drawings) showing the actual electrical layout (over head or underground).

Our clients often find it difficult to migrate from paper-based record-keeping to electronic formats. Challenges include the following:

High volume of paper drawings stored in archives

Need for speed in order to avoid tying up internal management resources

Need to maintain consistency across divisions

Maintaining a logical file nomenclature for EDMS (electronic data management system) purposes

Illegibility of old legacy drawings

Shortage of skilled manpower trained in BIM (building information modeling) for conflict detection, 2D to 3D conversion and     redline changes

Need to produce an accurate bill of materials through the use of BIM

Budget constraints, which can prevent companies from even contemplating this type of exercise.

Design Presentation has extensive experience in overcoming the above challenges in a cost-effective manner. Please contact us today for free consultation.