DesignPresentation is a leading global
provider of CAD and graphic support

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Design Presentation is a leading global provider of CAD and graphic support services. We cater to the needs of hundreds of organizations in the UK, including Fortune 500 companies (e.g. power/energy companies), architects, engineering firms and contractors. You can find every type of CAD and graphic support service, including:

* CAD drafting (architectural, mechanical, electrical)
* 3D modeling, walkthroughs & renderings
* Format conversion (from any file type to any file type, including raster to vector, Revit to Bentley, 2D to 3D, DWG to DGN,   PDF to DWG, etc.)
* Geographic Information Systems (i.e. digitization of maps)
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Design Presentation provides Raster to Vector and format conversion services.
CAD Conversion
CAD Conversion
Creating 3D renderings, models and walkthroughs is a spacialized art, and is one of our specialities
Interior Design
We support architects and contractors with all their architectural detailing and drafting needs. BIM/Architectural Detailing Bim Architectural
Design Presentation specializes in the conversion of hand-drawn sketches/floor plans into various presentable formats (including JPG, PDF, EPS, AI, WMF, DWG, DXF, etc.).
2D Floor Plans
2D Floor Plans
3D Floor Plans are designed to present a clear and simple 3D illustration of the layout of a property.
3D Floor Plans
3D Floor Plans
Design Presentation is currently working with a large number of energy assessors throughout UK and Europe to help them with their commercial and residential EPC plans. Energy Performance Certificate Bim Architectural